I believed I could fly and I kinda did. As you already know, I have a bit of adventure in my bones. I am spending all 2017 with 65+ strangers traveling across the world, living in a new city each month. This makes it easy to fulfill my adventurous soul. However, recently, I tested my adventure throttle but deciding to jump out of a plane in Portugal, near Lisbon with 20 people. It was a “fun birthday activity” for some in the group and turned out to be one of the best experiences I’ve had to date. It was definitely a Sunday Funday to remember.

Now that I am safe and sound (on the ground), here’s what I can report about my first skydiving experience:

  • The nerves leading up to it are real. I was scared, nervous and all of the emotions you would expect leading up to the day. I even planned my last dinner and breakfast — potentially — in the event, I didn’t have a safe landing. Whew!
  • Go for it! As I mentioned, it’s scary. But once you commit to it, it’s amazing. I’ve never had a rush quite like this in my life.
  • Capture it. Saving money is my forte, especially since I’ve committed to traveling around the world for one-year. However, I spent the extra money (70euros) for a video to remember this. In case I decided to never do it again, I can relive this crazy 55 seconds from 4200 meters up for the rest of my life. Ahhhhh!
  • Share it with someone. This is a big deal. If you can share it with people (I don’t recommend 20 at once), I would. I can confidently say that the group that I jumped with and I became closer over this. We all were scared shitless, even those who had done it several times before. It was a new place, new faces, and a new experience altogether. Also, aside from jumping with a buddy or buddies, you must share it with your loved ones and friends after. This helps you relive it all over again and reaffirm to your loved ones and friends that you live life to its fullest and on the edge…literally.
  • Enjoy. I am certainly good for a while and possibly forever when it comes to jumping out of a plane again. Although, my emotions were running so high and Io adrenaline this entire day (and even before), I would consider doing it again in a few years for two reasons. The first is to feel the rush all over again and just be. The second, is now that I know what to expect, I think I would enjoy the experience more for what it is;  55 seconds goes fast.

Skydiving was an activity I will never forget. The rush, nerves, adrenaline, and freedom you feel at the edge of the place and jumping out is one you can’t describe with words. After all, those who do not jump will never fly!